Hi! I am Halil.
🇵🇱 A software engineer based in Poland.
👨🏼‍💻 Currently Senior Software Engineer at Avantida

Programming is a hobby from my early childhood days. I have been doing it for more than 10 years professionally. I happened to live in few different countries either as an expat software engineer or for obtaining degrees in software engineering (Estonia, UK, Turkey, and currently Poland)

🎯 I am a bit obsessed with good quality software. Good enough is usually not good enough for me. Starting from the ideation, through UX, into the design of an architecture that scales, implementation of the MVP, creation of devops pipelines, gathering feedback from end-users.. repeat until it becomes perfect. I love being in every phase of it, one way or another.

🌸 I believe in a strong team culture where everyone in the team is empowered by each other. Taking the lead in their area of expertise. I aim to be the force-multiplier kind of person who tries his best to give everyone the juice to flourish. I see developing world-class software as a team-sport after all.

🌃 Apart from my day job, sometimes I do projects on the side mostly because of curiosity. In the evenings or at some weekends.. if I can negotiate the time with my SO.

📖 My kindle mostly consists of articles I find interesting on the web (mostly hackernews nowadays) and books about my profession or sci-fi.
🎸 Playing electric guitar on a Vox without disturbing anyone at night is also something I like to do occasionally.

I am a father of 2 beautiful girls and I love them endlessly.